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Nature versus Nurture

Perhaps the most prominent factor in a persons removal from society is finding that ability to adjust to the isolation. Right at the outset as that steel door slams shut on the first of many nights of incarceration you find yourself alone, no family, no friends, husbands, wives or children. Completely devoid of loved ones, the weight of that isolation is truly felt.

I vividly remember the next morning as the dawn of that new day illuminated the festering, dilapidated Victorian cell that was to be my new abode for how ever many years to come. Tuning into the sounds of the disembodied men beyond the thick cold walls stirring, coughs, snorts and groans carrying along the landings. A low rumble as prison guards mount the steel stairs in unison at either end of the wing. My minds eye envisions a lumbering beast inhaling its first breath of fetid air. I can almost hear it groan in resignation. “The key is acceptance” a voice whispers in my minds ear. Taking my own deep breath I stand up and stare at the securely locked heavy steel door in front of me. My freedom was gone. I no longer have the autonomy to do something as simple as open my own door!

Scream – Airbrushed

From here on in I’m told when to eat, to wash, to exercise, even when to speak. I’m told what is required of me and left with no illusions of what the consequences will be for any infringement of the rules. Reduced to nothing more than a mere number accompanied only by a profound lack of voice. Being encased within steel and mortar shouldn’t and mustn’t be allowed to alter the fundamental essence of a human being. I, like many others amid the brutality and apathy of the prison system have either retained or found the ability to be creative. Some write prose or poetry, others paint, draw or play music. Whatever particular bent they have its the one thing humans have in common: we are all by our very nature creatives. Since the first of our kind applied a hand print to a cave wall or banged a drum, we’ve always had an overwhelming desire to communicate. To that end its our desire that this project becomes a beneficial platform for myself and others of my ilk to find their creative voices, be able to share, connect and maybe one day return to the outside world, not as a tainted outcast but as a useful and valued member of society with something to offer..


Why You’ll Love Us

We have gathered together various styles, techniques and experimentation

  • Acrylic
  • Line and wash
  • Watercolour
  • Printing
  • Murals


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